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The Birth of the Norwegian Black Metal subculture in the early 90s appeared to be a radical movement against the conservative Christian believes. On the other hand almost all the Norwegian black metal scene is represented by white, male, abled and heterosexual kids hiking on the mountains, praising the Nordic nature and their motherland (see: Mother North by Satyricon). It seems that the black metal antichristian attitude is not a revolutionary idea against the conservatism of Christianity but a repetition of a concrete national narrative.


The painting #CulturalTourism is testing the black metal macho and nationalistic lifestyle. Through Lykourgo’s research on the black metal imagery and music he have noticed that most of the Norwegian black metal bands are praising the “good old days” of the Viking predators and they are celebrating the idea of “blood purity” and national pride.


Last but not least, black metal bands are reproducing Nazi symbolism with the argument that they are reclaiming their pagan symbols and heritage. Contra to the argument of “reclaiming the pagan tradition” a lot of black metal “heroes” have been reported as actual Nazis or racialists (e.g. Varg Vikernes). #CulturalTourism is a painting depicting the artist Lykourgos Porfyris in the center of a black metal gangbang. Three members of a black metal band are penetrating him while they are posing in a standard black metal pose.


The work is exhibited at the grand opening of the Norwegian national museum.

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