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INFEKT: Z-Topia:

If it is so, as stated in the Book of Revelations, that the dead will once again rise, then do we all become zombies? If this is the case, then why do believers fight against these creatures?


INFEKT: Z-topia re-imagines the Bible in a contemporary context. What happens if you read the Bible along with crip- and queer-theory, sprinkled with elements of transhumanism and the post-human mindset? INFEKT: Z-topia Is a collaboration project between the artists Kornelia Remø Klokk and Lykourgos Porfyris. The show is consisted of 3 paintings, 4 tapestries and a collaboration video.


In this work Lykourgos is reading the Book of Revelation with a Crip and queertheory perspective. He is approaching zombies as gender fluid creatures whose sole intent and purpose is not to kill, but to infect people with love. In the video Kornelia and Lykourgos illustrated the Virus god and the zombie manifesto. Due to the corona pandemic the project raised questions; how a capitalist system is dealing with the pandemic? What are the flaws in our structures, systems and values as a society? Who's worth saving and who's not?

INFEKT: Z-topia is exhibited at Bærum Kunsthall, Oslo Norway, February-March 2021.

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