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The Hyper White Power Institute:

White supremacist theory is an irrational offense against groups of people and minorities. Their theory is based on the pseudo-science of racial theory and eugenics, an example of which is the eugenicist Karl Pearson who believed that albinism is a degeneration of the white race (1915). Also, their understanding of history is usually based on misinterpreted or incoherent historical texts such as “The Foundations of Nineteenth Century” by Houston S. Chamberlain. Centrists suggest dialogue to be the solution to the problem. Meanwhile, neo-Nazis and alt-right politicians, in public debates, are trolling and mocking. The extreme right wingers have shown us that the only language they understand is the one they speak.


The Hyper White Power Institute is appropriating the language of right-wing rhetoric such as misinterpreted texts, nonsense racial theory and conspiracy theories. In this project, Lykourgos Porfyris is aiming to deconstruct and subvert stereotypical beliefs about race, and eugenics. By bringing disability and albino identity to the forefront, Porfyris overperforms the aforementioned irrational beliefs in order to lead them into a dead end.

The Hyper White Power Institute is exhibited at Lykourgo’s solo exhibition “The Hyper Whites” at BO gallery in Oslo, May/June 2022.

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