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Lykourgos Porfyris is a visual artist living and working between Oslo and Athens. He holds a BA from Athens School of Fine Arts and an MFA from Kunstakademiet at Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Lykourgo’s practice is engaged with the production of new mythologies and legends. His stories are misinterpreting big mainstream narratives that tend to embrace the victories of the heroes and he is transforming them into alternative fictions, celebrating the failures of the “losers”. In his recent works he is exploring his albino identity disability (impaired vision). More specifically, he is interested in how albinos are represented in occidental history and contemporary pop culture.


Lykourgos has shown his works and performances in 6th Athens Biennale, Akershus Kunstsenter Lillestrøm, Norway, Arnolfini gallery at Bristol UK, Freud Museum in London and Fylkingen in Stockholm, Sweden. In 2022 he showed his long-term project the “The Hyper Whites” at BO Gallery in Oslo Norway. The project is consisted of three works, Kakurlackó Order, ICE Lilith, The Hyper White Power Institute.

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